What's Under the Kilt?
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What's Under the Kilt?
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' Scotland, where men are men and sheep are nervous '
    - Keith Mackie

"Welcome to Scotland"
"Welcome to Scotland"

Prior to writing this book, I spent two exhaustive weeks roaming the length and breadth of Scotland searching for the stereotypical view of our country.

From Lochgelly in the far north to Dalkeith in the deep south, I travelled day and night, seeking answers to a complex question. I asked first time visitors to Scotland of all nationalities, shapes, heights and sizes one simple loaded question.

When the proud nation of Scotland is mentioned what do you think of?

The range of responses (in no particular order) confirmed my preconceived expectations.

The top ten answers were:
1Being Mean.
2Scottish Ancestry.
3Kilts and Tartan.
7Football and Pubs.
9Loch Ness Monster.
10The Weather.

The most amusing (or disturbing) answers were: I don't speecke Engleesh; Get a life; Guinness; Lulu; Independence from Ireland; Bitten in the Trossachs by midges; The Houses of Parliament; Donald where's yer troosers; Bullocks (I presume they were referring to Highland cattle); and The Bay City Rollers.

And the TITLE? Well, it's remarkable to think that people from the other side of the globe traverse the four corners of the earth with one vexing inquiry on their minds. It's the most frequently asked question of a kilted Scot - What's under the kilt?

So, this democratically compiled wee book, full of pretty colour pictures, lovely little illustrations and useless facts has been compiled to scotch a few myths, perpetuate a few more and provide the reader with an insightful and humorous look at the Scots.

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